What We Do

Exceed America and our patent pending Smart Homeowners Program℠ provides homeowners with a risk-free way to profit now from owning your home. As a Member, when and if you sell your home in the future, you agree to use one of the 5,000+ Cooperating Broker offices in our network. In return, you receive valuable rewards totaling up to $2,000 or more.


Soon to be Licensed in 43 States

Exceed is already licensed in states with over 70% of U.S. homes and is quickly sweeping the nation. The response from homeowners has been astounding and our Exceed America’s patent-pending Smart Homeowners Program℠ is the only one of its kind. The best part is the higher the market value of your home, the more you receive!

Our Mission

To effectively communicate Exceed America's unique and compelling offer to millions of qualifying homeowners throughout the United States.

Our Vision

To provide our Smart Homeowners Program Members with billions of dollars in annual payments that they would not otherwise receive without our program.

What People are Saying

We recommended you to many friends who advised us of the same wonderful results… Our $500.00 bonus, just the icing on the cake, arrived promptly without any hassle. Your team takes such pride in their work!

Helen F, Wayne, PA

A pleasure. So kind in putting us together with our agents at Berkshire Hathaway. A wonderful experience, due mostly to the expert advice and time you gave us, understood ALL our needs… sometimes before we did…

Joe F, Wayne, PA

You get $1000 dollars for doing almost nothing, something that would be a good idea in the first place, having a realtor to use in the future if I ever decide to sell my home.

Jeff, Maryland

I like that the biggest and best real estate brokers are participating in the program.

Catherine, California

I like the fact that there is no obligation to sell my home to receive the gift cards.

Stephanie, Illinois

I signed up last year and my first gift card arrived right when they told me it would. Easy money.

Stephen, Ohio

This was an easy decision because I recognize most of the participating realtors in my zip code. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

William, Virginia

This is pretty incredible. You get the money even if you don’t sell. And when you do sell, you get all of your remaining gift cards within 30 days of closing.

Greg, New York

This is a wonderful program! I have told my family and friends about you.

Daniella P., Burbank, CA

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