Frequently Asked Questions about our Cooperating Real Estate Brokers

How long will it take to sell my house?

This is a question for your selected local Cooperating Real Estate Broker who will advise you in the future if you request their advice.

Can I pick the Cooperating Real Estate Broker I want?

When you sign up for the Program, you will select a local licensed Real Estate Broker from our licensed Cooperating Real Estate Brokers. You may always change your selection.

What if I don't like the Cooperating Real Estate Broker that I select?

You may list your home with a different Cooperating Real Estate Broker you select.

What commission rate will I pay?

If, in the future you choose to sell your home, and do so through a Cooperating Real Estate Broker, you’ll pay the commission rate negotiated by you with your Cooperating Real Estate Broker, which may vary based upon home value or geographic market. The rate may be tied to the value of your home and market conditions at the time you may choose to sell. Our Cooperating Real Estate Brokers are not permitted to charge you more than the local market commission rate they typically charge a homeowner with a similar home.

What is the process if I do decide I want to sell my house in the future?

We will be happy to have your chosen Cooperating Real Estate Broker contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your decision to list your home for sale. Your chosen Cooperating Real Estate Broker will assist you with the process, just as any real estate broker would assist any homeowner in selling their home. YOU MUST CONTACT US FIRST, BEFORE YOU CONTACT ANY REAL ESTATE AGENT OR BROKER, WHEN YOU ARE READY TO SELL. Email us at or call us at 303-731-4140.

What Cooperating Real Estate Brokers may I choose from?

Most of the top, biggest and best real estate brokers in the country and your neighborhood are Cooperating Real Estate Brokers, with more than five thousand offices and more than 250,000 licensed agents nationwide, with additional brokers joining the network on a regular basis.

In the future can I change my choice of the Cooperating Real Estate Broker I select now when I sign up?

Yes. Any time prior to you listing your home for sale, once or more than once, you may choose to change your selected Cooperating Real Estate Broker.

Can I use a real estate broker not in your network for my future home sale?

Yes. First, we must speak with them BEFORE YOU DO and enter into an agreement with them by which they will pay us our industry standard referral fee upon the sale closing, and if so, as would be the case when you sell your home using any Cooperating Broker you select, you would pay us $0. Otherwise, if in the future YOU CHOOSE to sell your home WITHOUT using a Cooperating Real Estate Broker, you may exercise an early termination option by paying us 1.05% of the sale price if and when your home sells. You are never obligated to list your home for sale, or to sell it. If you never sell your home, you never have to pay us anything, ever. If you sell your home in the future using any Cooperating Real Estate Broker you choose, you will never pay us anything, ever. If you would like to use a real estate broker who is not part of our network of Cooperating Real Estate Brokers, we would be happy to extend an invitation for that broker to join our network, or to work with that broker for only your transaction.